Gets Revamped

As part of the relaunch of the Fight the Bite campaign, a new version of is now live. The website aims to serve as a comprehensive source of information on mosquito-borne diseases, including information on Zika, dengue, and chikungunya, and how to prevent the diseases from being introduced and spreading in Hawaii.

The new campaign website includes an extensive Frequently Asked Questions on mosquito-borne diseases, including how diseases are transmitted, symptoms of each disease and how to prevent them from spreading. In addition to health information, the website offers tips and best practices that Hawaii residents can utilize to reduce mosquito breeding areas on their properties and ways to contact Department of Health officials to report potential infestations.

The current iteration of the website is part of the latest phase of the Fight the Bite camapaign. Future phases of the campaign include a community toolkit, how-to videos showing how to prevent against breeding areas and mosquito bites, and other tools to help organizations and individuals to spread the Fight the Bite messaging in their communities.