What steps should be taken to reduce mosquito nuisance at home?

  • Remove or empty anything that catches or holds standing water, such as old tires, flowerpots, toys, buckets, and plastic tarps on your premises.
  • For plants that hold water, flush with a hose or spray with soapy water once a week.
  • Use mosquito-eating fish, such as guppies, in unused swimming pools, constructed fish ponds with no outlet to the environment, or other large containers that cannot be removed or emptied of standing water. To protect Hawaii’s rare native species and aquatic habitats, do not release guppies or other alien species into the natural environment.
  • Install or repair window screens and doors to keep out mosquitoes. Screens are your best protection against mosquito nuisance in your home.
  • Clean your gutters. Remove leaves and debris so water will drain freely.