Is it safe to travel to Hawaii, even though there have been imported Zika cases?

Absolutely, yes. Hawaii remains a safe destination for visitors and residents. Hawaii has thus far had no cases of locally transmitted Zika — that is, no cases among persons who have not traveled outside Hawaii. The handful of cases we’ve found were infected during their travel outside the state. However, we do have the Aedes mosquitoes which can carry and spread Zika, so it’s important to make it a habit to always protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites.

People should, in general, reduce their risk of mosquito-borne illnesses like Zika and dengue when they travel, especially to areas with active spread of Zika disease, by protecting themselves against mosquitoes and mosquito bites through using mosquito repellent containing DEET and covering up with appropriate clothing no matter where they go (see “How can you keep from getting it?”), but especially when going into areas where mosquito activity is likely.