Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Because so many diseases are spread by mosquitoes and those diseases can be so painful and serious, it’s important to get the word out about what other people can do to curb the mosquito population in Hawaii. When you reach out to others to let them know about ways they can decrease the mosquito population, you are using your online presence for a great cause.

Social Media Messaging About Mosquitoes

If you love Hawaii and don’t want diseases like dengue fever to continue to spread, taking to social media to discuss mosquito breeding prevention is the perfect way to use your social media accounts. Even if you don’t have that many followers, your words can get others thinking about the many ways people can stop mosquito breeding. Your message may even be retweeted or resent to many more people through the social media accounts of those who see your messages.

Spreading the Right Information

When you post information about preventing mosquitoes, let your online friends and followers know that standing water is the easiest way for mosquitoes to breed. Let them know that any way they can prevent standing water on their property is a good way to help in the fight against mosquitoes. Talk about filling in puddles, turning over vases and planters and checking for leaks to prevent these places from becoming breeding areas for mosquitoes.

Using Your Social Media Accounts to the Best Advantage of the Community

Tweets can be used to send short messages about the danger of mosquitoes and a quick tip about getting rid of standing water. You may even tweet a photo of a mosquito with a piece of advice about how to prevent more of them. You can also use your message to link to new information about mosquito prevention and the mosquito-borne diseases that are becoming prevalent in Hawaii.

On Instagram, it’s easy to send out a photo of standing water and to let your followers know that having standing water is dangerous to themselves and everyone in the community. If your followers see an example of standing water, they may begin to think of standing water spots on their own properties that they can get rid of.

Snapchat is another opportunity to send out photos of standing water to remind people how dangerous it can be. You can also send out photos of mosquitoes to remind people to protect themselves while they are outdoors.

When you post about mosquitoes and their prevention on Facebook, you have the potential to reach an unlimited number of people. Not only could your message be spread among your friends, it could be spread amongst theirs as well. On Facebook, you can link to articles or government pages about mosquitoes and remind people about the serious diseases that they can carry

Spreading the word about mosquitoes and mosquito prevention makes you a valuable part of the Hawaiian community. Working to make Hawaii a place that has fewer mosquitoes and fewer people stricken with the diseases they carry is a great way to use your time and your online presence. It can save others from suffering from the painful and debilitating diseases that these flying pests can spread on the islands.